4 strokes




Common words

  • five, 5
  • 五輪ごりん
    Olympic Games, Olympics, Olympic rings
  • 五分ごぶ
    half, 50%, tie, evenness, 5 parts, 5%
  • 五ついつつ
    five, five years of age, eight o'clock (old time system)
  • 五感ごかん
    the five senses
  • 五十音ごじゅうおん
    the Japanese syllabary
  • 五体ごたい
    the whole body, the five styles of writing Chinese characters, the five parts of the body (head, two hands and two feet; or head, neck, chest, hands and feet)
  • 四捨五入ししゃごにゅう
    rounding (off; a number), rounding half away from zero, rounding off (views), converging to a common opinion
  • 七五三しちごさん
    festival (shrine visit) by children aged 7, 5 and 3, lucky numbers 7, 5 and 3