7 strokes

first time, beginning



Common words

  • はつ
    first, new
  • 当初とうしょ
    beginning, start, outset, at first, at the beginning, initially, originally
  • 最初さいしょ
    beginning, outset, first, onset
  • 初日しょにち
    first day, opening day
  • 初期しょき
    early days, early years, early stages, initial stages, beginning
  • 初旬しょじゅん
    first 10 days of the month
  • 初演しょえん
    first performance
  • 初夏しょか
    early summer, fourth month of the lunar calendar
  • 初任給しょにんきゅう
    initial salary
  • 初版しょはん
    first edition
  • 初心しょしん
    original intention, initial resolution
  • 初歩しょほ
    basics, rudiments, elements, ABCs of ...
  • 初級しょきゅう
    elementary level, beginner level
  • 初めるそめる
    to begin to
  • 初恋はつこい
    first love, puppy love
  • 初雪はつゆき
    first snow (of the season), first snowfall
  • 初夢はつゆめ
    first dream of the New year (believed to foretell one's luck), dream on the night of setsubun
  • 月初めつきはじめ
    beginning of the month