5 strokes

add, addition, increase, join, include, Canada



Common words

  • 参加さんか
    participation, joining, entry
  • 加盟かめい
    joining (an association, agreement, etc.), participation, affiliation, accession
  • 増加ぞうか
    increase, rise, growth, addition, increment
  • 追加ついか
    addition, supplement, appending, appendix
  • 加入かにゅう
    joining (a club, organization, etc.), becoming a member, entry, admission, subscription, affiliation, signing (e.g. a treaty), taking out (insurance)
  • 加工かこう
    manufacturing, processing, treatment, machining
  • 加速かそく
    acceleration, speeding up
  • 付加ふか
    addition, annexation, appendage
  • 加害者かがいしゃ
    perpetrator, wrong-doer, aggressor, assailant, offender
  • 加熱かねつ
    heating, application of heat
  • 加減かげん
    degree, extent, amount, balance, state, condition, (health) condition, state of health, adjustment, moderation, regulation, addition and subtraction, slight sign of ..., slight state of ..., just right for ...
  • 加わるくわわる
    to be added to, to be appended, to join in (e.g. a group of friends), to participate, to increase (e.g. heat), to gain in (e.g. influence), to grow, to gather (speed), to be applied (e.g. heat, pressure), to be exerted
  • 加えるくわえる
    to add, to add up, to sum up, to append, to annex, to increase, to gather (e.g. speed), to pick up, to include, to count in, to let join, to inflict (damage), to deal, to give
  • 添加てんか
    addition, annexing
  • 加速度かそくど
  • 倍加ばいか
    doubling, marked increase, multiplying, redoubling
  • 付け加えるつけくわえる
    to add (one thing to another), to add (a few more words, an explanation, etc.)