13 strokes

forces, energy, military strength



Common words

  • 姿勢しせい
    posture, pose, position, stance, carriage (of the body), attitude, approach, stance
  • 情勢じょうせい
    state of things, state of affairs, situation, conditions, circumstances
  • 勢力せいりょく
    influence, power, might, strength, potency, force, energy
  • 態勢たいせい
    attitude, posture, preparedness, readiness
  • 勢いいきおい
    force, vigor, vigour, energy, spirit, life, influence, authority, power, might, impetus, momentum, course (of events), naturally, necessarily
  • 大勢おおぜい
    crowd of people, great number of people, in great numbers
  • 攻勢こうせい
    offensive (movement), aggression
  • 優勢ゆうせい
    superiority, superior power, predominance, preponderance
  • 劣勢れっせい
    inferiority (e.g. numerical), inferior position, disadvantage, unfavorable situation, unfavourable situation
  • 威勢いせい
    power, might, authority, influence, spirits, vigor, vigour, energy, boldness
  • 国勢こくせい
    state of a country (population, resources, etc.), condition of a country, strength of a country