6 strokes

fit, suit, join, 0.1



Common words

  • 合意ごうい
    (coming to an) agreement, consent, mutual understanding, accord, consensus
  • 試合しあい
    match, game, bout, contest
  • 連合れんごう
    union, combination, alliance, confederation, coalition, association, RENGO (Japanese Trade Union Confederation)
  • 総合そうごう
    synthesis, combination, integration, putting together, synthesis, colligation
  • 問い合わせといあわせ
    enquiry, inquiry, query
  • 会合かいごう
    meeting, assembly, gathering, association, conjunction
  • 組合くみあい
    association, union, guild
  • 統合とうごう
    integration, unification, unity, combination, consolidation, synthesis
  • 合同ごうどう
    combination, union, incorporation, amalgamation, fusion, congruence
  • 話し合いはなしあい
    discussion, talk, tête-à-tête, conference
  • 合計ごうけい
    sum total, total amount
  • 合併がっぺい
    merger (of companies, towns, etc.), combination, union, amalgamation, consolidation, coalition, fusion, annexation, affiliation, incorporation
  • 割合わりあい
    rate, ratio, percentage, proportion, comparatively, contrary to expectations
  • 合格ごうかく
    passing (an exam), pass, success, passing grade, meeting (specifications, standards, etc.), passing (inspection), qualification, being found eligible
  • 合理化ごうりか
    rationalization, rationalisation, rationalize, rationalise
  • 付き合いつきあい
    association, socializing, socialising, fellowship
  • 複合ふくごう
    composite, combined, complex
  • 労働組合ろうどうくみあい
    labor union, labour union, trade union
  • 合宿がっしゅく
    lodging together, training camp, boarding house
  • 具合ぐあい
    condition, state, health, state (of health), way, manner, circumstance, luck, face, dignity, decency, propriety