8 strokes

harmony, Japanese style, peace, soften, Japan



Common words

  • 和平わへい
  • 平和へいわ
    peace, harmony
  • 緩和かんわ
    relief, mitigation, alleviation, relaxation (of restrictions, tensions, etc.), easing, softening
  • 和解わかい
    reconciliation, amicable settlement, accommodation, compromise, mediation, rapprochement, court-mediated settlement, translation of a foreign language into Japanese
  • 昭和しょうわ
    Shōwa era (1926.12.25-1989.1.7), reminiscent of the Shōwa era, Shōwa-nostalgic, old-fashioned, quaint, old-school
  • 大和やまと
    (ancient) Japan, Yamato (former province located in present-day Nara Prefecture)
  • 調和ちょうわ
    harmony, accord, reconciliation, agreement
  • 和紙わし
    washi, Japanese paper
  • 和歌わか
    waka, classic Japanese poem, esp. a tanka, often 31 morae
  • 和風わふう
    Japanese style, light wind, moderate breeze
  • 和服わふく
    Japanese clothes
  • 英和えいわ
    English-Japanese, English-Japanese dictionary
  • 和食わしょく
    Japanese food, Japanese dish, Japanese cuisine
  • 和室わしつ
    Japanese-style room
  • 講和こうわ
    reconciliation (between warring nations), (making of) peace
  • 和菓子わがし
    wagashi, traditional Japanese confectionery
  • 飽和ほうわ
    saturation, satiation
  • 和やかなごやか
    mild, calm, gentle, quiet, congenial, amicable, amiable, friendly, genial, harmonious, peaceful
  • 柔和にゅうわ
    gentle, mild, meek, tender
  • 中和ちゅうわ
    neutralization, neutralisation, counteraction