6 strokes

ground, earth



Common words

  • 現地げんち
    actual place, actual location, the spot, the scene, the field, (on) site, place where one is currently living
  • 地元じもと
    home area, home town, local
  • 地球ちきゅう
    Earth, the globe
  • 土地とち
    plot of land, lot, soil, locality, region, place
  • 地方ちほう
    district, region, area, locality, the country, countryside, the provinces, rural area, civilian society
  • 地域ちいき
    area, region, district, locality
  • 地区ちく
    district, section, sector
  • 地震じしん
  • 基地きち
    base (military, expedition, etc.)
  • 地上ちじょう
    above ground, on the ground, earth's surface, this world, this earth
  • 地価ちか
    the price of land
  • 地位ちい
    (social) position, status, standing, position (in a company, organization, etc.), post, rank
  • 地下ちか
    underground, below the ground, world of the dead, the grave, underground (activities, movement, etc.), secret, illegal, in hiding
  • earth, ground, land, soil, place, territory, bottom (of a package, book, etc.), earth (one of the five elements)
  • 地帯ちたい
    zone, area, belt, region
  • 地下鉄ちかてつ
    subway, metro, underground (railway)
  • 地点ちてん
    site, point on a map, spot
  • 地図ちず
    map, atlas, chart, plan
  • 敷地しきち
    site, plot, lot, grounds
  • 余地よち
    place, room, margin, scope