11 strokes

fundamentals, radical (chem), counter for machines, foundation



Common words

  • 基本きほん
    basics, fundamentals, basis, foundation
  • 基準きじゅん
    standard, basis, criterion, norm, reference, datum
  • 基礎きそ
    foundation, basis
  • 基地きち
    base (military, expedition, etc.)
  • 基金ききん
    fund, foundation
  • 基盤きばん
    foundation, basis, base, footing, infrastructure, bedrock, substrate (circuit board)
  • 基調きちょう
    basic tone, underlying tone, basic theme, basis, keynote, trend, keynote
  • 基づくもとづく
    to be based (on), to be founded (on), to be grounded (on), to be in accordance (with), to be due to, to come (from), to arise (from), to originate (in)