8 strokes

reality, truth, seed, fruit, nut



Common words

  • 現実げんじつ
    reality, actuality, hard fact
  • 実施じっし
    enforcement, implementation, putting into practice, carrying out, operation, working (e.g. working parameters), enactment
  • 事実じじつ
    fact, truth, reality
  • 実際じっさい
    reality, actuality, truth, fact, actual conditions, practice (as opposed to theory), truly, really, indeed, actually, bhutakoti (limit of reality)
  • 実態じったい
    true state, actual condition, reality
  • 実力じつりょく
    (real) ability, true strength, merit, efficiency, competency, arms, force
  • 実現じつげん
    implementation (e.g. of a system), materialization, materialisation, realization, realisation, actualization, actualisation
  • 確実かくじつ
    certain, sure, definite, reliable, sound, solid, safe, secure
  • 実験じっけん
    experiment, experimentation
  • 実績じっせき
    achievements, actual results, accomplishments, past results, track record
  • 実行じっこう
    execution (e.g. of a plan), carrying out, practice, action, implementation, fulfillment, realization
  • 実はじつは
    as a matter of fact, by the way, to tell you the truth, to be honest, frankly
  • 充実じゅうじつ
    fullness, completeness, perfection, substantiality, enhancement, improvement, enrichment, upgrading, replenishment, repletion
  • 実情じつじょう
    real condition, actual circumstances, actual state of affairs
  • じつ
    truth, reality, sincerity, honesty, fidelity, content, substance, (good) result
  • 着実ちゃくじつ
    steady, sound, solid, reliable, trustworthy
  • 実用じつよう
    practical use, utility
  • 実家じっか
    (one's parents') home
  • 実践じっせん
    practice, putting into practice, implementation, praxis
  • 真実しんじつ
    truth, reality, truly, really, absolute truth