14 strokes

attitude, condition, figure, appearance, voice (of verbs)



Common words

  • 事態じたい
    situation, (present) state of affairs, circumstances
  • 状態じょうたい
    state, condition, situation, appearance, circumstances
  • 態度たいど
    attitude, manner, behaviour, demeanour, bearing, attitude (towards an issue, etc.), position, stance, stand
  • 実態じったい
    true state, actual condition, reality
  • 態勢たいせい
    attitude, posture, preparedness, readiness
  • 生態せいたい
    ecology, life and habits (of an animal), mode of life, way of living
  • 醜態しゅうたい
    disgraceful behavior, disgraceful behaviour, shameful conduct, shameful sight
  • 変態へんたい
    transformation, abnormality, sexual perversion, pervert, metamorphosis, transformation, transition, modification