12 strokes

propose, take along, carry in hand



Common words

  • 前提ぜんてい
    condition, assumption, prerequisite, hypothesis, intention, intent, aim, goal, premise (in logic)
  • 提案ていあん
    proposal, proposition, suggestion
  • 提供ていきょう
    offer, tender, providing, supplying, making available, donating (blood, organs, etc.), sponsoring (a TV program)
  • 提出ていしゅつ
    presentation (of documents), submission (of an application, report, etc.), production (e.g. of evidence), introduction (e.g. of a bill), filing, turning in
  • 提携ていけい
    cooperation, tie-up, joint business, partnership, alliance, sponsorship
  • 提訴ていそ
    presenting a case, suing
  • 提起ていき
    raising (a question), posing (a problem), bringing up (an issue), presenting, instituting (a lawsuit), lodging, filing (a claim), submitting (a case), lifting up
  • 提唱ていしょう
    advocacy, proposal
  • 大前提だいぜんてい
    important condition, basic premise, basic assumption, something that should be obvious to all, something that should not have to be argued, something that goes without mentioning, major premise (in a syllogism)
  • 提げるさげる
    to take along, to hold in the hand, to hang (e.g. from the shoulder or waist)