15 strokes

beat, attack, defeat, conquer



Common words

  • 攻撃こうげき
    attack, assault, raid, onslaught, offensive, criticism, censure, denunciation, condemnation
  • 打撃だげき
    blow, shock, strike, damage, batting
  • 衝撃しょうげき
    impact, shock, impulse, (psychological) shock
  • 爆撃ばくげき
    bombing (raid)
  • 反撃はんげき
    counterattack, counteroffensive, counterblow
  • 襲撃しゅうげき
    (surprise) attack, assault, raid, charge
  • 目撃もくげき
    witnessing, observing, sighting
  • 砲撃ほうげき
    bombarding, shelling, bombardment
  • 撃つうつ
    to shoot (a gun, person, etc.), to fire
  • 直撃ちょくげき
    direct hit
  • 撃墜げきつい
    shooting down (aircraft)
  • 挟み撃ちはさみうち
    attack on both sides, pincer movement, double envelopment
  • 迎え撃つむかえうつ
    to meet (the enemy) and attack, to engage (the approaching enemy), to confront, to intercept
  • 撃沈げきちん
    (attacking and) sinking (a ship), sending (a ship) to the bottom