4 strokes

day, sun, Japan, counter for days



Common words

  • 毎日まいにち
    every day
  • 日米にちべい
    Japan and the United States, Japanese-American
  • 日本人にほんじん
    Japanese person
  • 日程にってい
    schedule, program, programme, agenda
  • 今日きょう
    today, this day, these days, recently, nowadays
  • 日本語にほんご
    Japanese (language)
  • day, days, sun, sunshine, sunlight, (the) day, daytime, daylight, date, deadline, (past) days, time (e.g. of one's childhood), case (esp. unfortunate), event
  • 対日たいにち
    toward Japan, with Japan
  • 来日らいにち
    arrival in Japan, coming to Japan, visit to Japan
  • 日常にちじょう
    everyday, daily, ordinary, usual, routine, regular
  • 訪日ほうにち
    visit to Japan
  • 初日しょにち
    first day, opening day
  • 曜日ようび
    day of the week
  • 日々ひび
    daily, everyday, days (e.g. of one's youth), every day, day after day, day by day, from day to day
  • 日中にっちゅう
    daytime, during the day, Japan and China
  • 日韓にっかん
    Japan and South Korea, Japanese-Korean
  • 在日ざいにち
    resident in Japan (of a foreigner), situated in Japan (e.g. of an embassy), Zainichi, Zainichi Korean, North or South Korean national with permanent residency in Japan (who came to the country before 1945, or a descendant of such a person)
  • 翌日よくじつ
    next day
  • 連日れんじつ
    day after day, every day
  • 当日とうじつ
    day in question, appointed day, that very day, the day (of issue, publication, etc.)