8 strokes

bright, light



Common words

  • 明らかあきらか
    clear, obvious, evident, plain, definite, bright, light
  • 不明ふめい
    unclear, obscure, indistinct, uncertain, ambiguous, unknown, unidentified, ignorance, lack of wisdom, lack of insight
  • 声明せいめい
    declaration, statement, proclamation
  • 説明せつめい
    explanation, exposition, description, account, caption, legend
  • 明確めいかく
    clear, precise, definite, distinct
  • 明治めいじ
    Meiji era (1868.9.8-1912.7.30)
  • 未明みめい
    early dawn, grey of morning, gray of morning
  • 公明こうめい
    fairness, openness, impartiality, Komeito (Japanese political party)
  • 不透明ふとうめい
    opaque, obscure, murky, turbid, opacity, obscurity, unclear, unpredictable, uncertain
  • 透明とうめい
    transparent, clear
  • 文明ぶんめい
    civilization, civilisation, culture, Bunmei era (1469.4.28-1487.7.20)
  • 明日あした
    tomorrow, near future
  • 鮮明せんめい
    vivid, clear, distinct
  • 証明しょうめい
    proof, testimony, demonstration, verification, certification
  • 究明きゅうめい
    investigation (esp. in academic and scientific contexts)
  • 照明しょうめい
    illumination, lighting
  • 明るいあかるい
    light, well-lit, well-lighted, bright (of a colour), brightly-coloured, brightly-colored, cheerful, bright, spirited, sunny (e.g. disposition), encouraging (for the future of a project, etc.), promising, of fair prospects, familiar (with), knowledgeable (about), well versed (in), fair (e.g. politics), clean, impartial
  • 明白めいはく
    obvious, clear, plain, evident, apparent, explicit, overt
  • 明暗めいあん
    light and darkness, light and shade
  • 釈明しゃくめい
    explanation, vindication