10 strokes

time, hour



Common words

  • 時期じき
    time, season, period, phase, stage
  • 時間じかん
    time, hour, period, class, lesson
  • 一時いちじ
    one o'clock, once, at one time, formerly, before, for a time, for a while, for the time being, for the present, for the moment, temporarily, a time, one time, once
  • 同時どうじ
    simultaneous, concurrent, same time, synchronous, together
  • 当時とうじ
    at that time, in those days
  • 時代じだい
    period, epoch, era, age, the times, those days, oldness, ancientness, antiquity, antique, period piece
  • 臨時りんじ
    temporary, provisional, interim, special, extraordinary, extra
  • とき
    time, hour, moment, occasion, case, chance, opportunity, season, the times, the age, the day, tense
  • 零時れいじ
    twelve o'clock, midnight, noon
  • 即時そくじ
    prompt, immediate, in real time
  • 時速じそく
    speed (per hour)
  • 時計とけい
    clock, watch, timepiece
  • 時々ときどき
    sometimes, occasionally, at times, from time to time, now and then, once in a while, at intervals, seasonal, of the season, appropriate (for the season or occasion)
  • 一時的いちじてき
    temporary, transitory, short-lived
  • 長時間ちょうじかん
    long time, several hours, long spell
  • 時刻じこく
    time, (the) hour, favourable time, opportunity, chance
  • 日時にちじ
    date and time
  • 時折ときおり
    sometimes, at intervals, occasionally, on occasion, from time to time
  • 時限じげん
    (school) period, period or division of time, time limit
  • 時効じこう
    statute of limitations, lapse of rights after a period of time, prescription (including acquisitive and extinctive prescription), becoming invalid or void after a set time, ageing, aging