4 strokes

month, moon



Common words

  • 今月こんげつ
    this month
  • 先月せんげつ
    last month
  • 来月らいげつ
    next month
  • 毎月まいつき
    every month, each month, monthly
  • 正月しょうがつ
    New Year (esp. first three days), first month of the year, January
  • 月刊げっかん
    monthly publication, monthly issue
  • 月曜げつよう
  • 月給げっきゅう
    monthly salary
  • 歳月さいげつ
    time, years
  • 月末げつまつ
    end of the month
  • 半月はんげつ
    half-moon, half a month, semicircle
  • 年月としつき
    months and years
  • 年月日ねんがっぴ
  • 生年月日せいねんがっぴ
    birth date, date of birth, DOB
  • 月光げっこう
    moonlight, moonbeam
  • 月日つきひ
    time, years, days, (one's) life, the Moon and the Sun
  • 満月まんげつ
    full moon
  • 月謝げっしゃ
    monthly tuition fee
  • 月見つきみ
    moon viewing (esp. during the eight month of the lunar calendar)
  • 三日月みかづき
    new moon, crescent moon