7 strokes

decide, fix, agree upon, appoint



Common words

  • 決議けつぎ
    resolution, vote, decision
  • 決定けってい
    decision, determination
  • 判決はんけつ
    judicial decision, judgement, judgment, sentence, decree
  • 解決かいけつ
    settlement, solution, resolution
  • 決勝けっしょう
    decision of a contest, finals (in sports)
  • 決算けっさん
    settlement of accounts, closing accounts, financial results, reporting (of accounts)
  • 決してけっして
    (not) ever, (not) by any means, (not) in the least, (not) in any way, (not) at all
  • 決断けつだん
    decision, determination
  • 決意けつい
    decision, determination, resolution
  • 決着けっちゃく
    conclusion, decision, end, settlement
  • 対決たいけつ
    confrontation, showdown
  • 採決さいけつ
    vote, ballot, division
  • 準決勝じゅんけっしょう
  • 議決ぎけつ
    resolution, decision, vote
  • 決済けっさい
    settlement (of an account), liquidation of debts, payment
  • 決裂けつれつ
    breakdown (of talks, negotiations, etc.), breaking off, rupture
  • 可決かけつ
    approval, adoption (of a motion, bill, etc.), passage
  • 取り決めとりきめ
    decision, agreement
  • 否決ひけつ
    rejection, negation, voting down
  • 先決せんけつ
    deciding first, settling (a matter) first, first priority