9 strokes

single, alone, spontaneously, Germany



Common words

  • 独自どくじ
    original, unique, distinctive, characteristic, peculiar, independent, one's own, personal
  • 独立どくりつ
    independence, self-reliance, supporting oneself, being on one's own, independence (e.g. of a nation), freedom, separation, isolation
  • 単独たんどく
    sole, single, solo, independence, singleness, singularity
  • 独特どくとく
    peculiarity, uniqueness, characteristic, understood only by oneself
  • 独占どくせん
    monopoly, monopolization, exclusivity, hogging, keeping to oneself
  • 独裁どくさい
    dictatorship, despotism, autocracy, running (a company, etc.) despotically
  • 独身どくしん
    bachelorhood, single, unmarried, celibate
  • 孤独こどく
    solitude, loneliness, isolation
  • 独断どくだん
    one's own judgement (judgment), decision made without consulting others, arbitrary decision, dogmatism
  • 独創どくそう
  • 独学どくがく
    self-education, self-instruction, self-study
  • 独演どくえん
    solo, solo performance
  • 独奏どくそう
    (instrumental) solo, recital
  • 独り占めひとりじめ
    hogging, having all to oneself, monopolising, monopolizing
  • 独り言ひとりごと
    soliloquy, monologue, speaking to oneself
  • 独唱どくしょう
    vocal solo
  • 独房どくぼう
    single cell, isolation cell, solitary cell, solitary confinement cell