11 strokes

logic, arrangement, reason, justice, truth



Common words

  • 理由りゆう
    reason, pretext, motive
  • 管理かんり
    control, management (e.g. of a business)
  • 理事りじ
    director, trustee
  • 処理しょり
    processing, dealing with, treatment, disposition, disposal
  • 料理りょうり
    cooking, cookery, cuisine, meal, food, dish, item on a menu, (easily) dealing with something, handling (well)
  • 総理そうり
    prime minister (as the head of a cabinet government), premier, leading, overseeing, leader, overseer, president
  • 理解りかい
    understanding, comprehension, appreciation, sympathy
  • 代理だいり
    representation, agency, proxy, proxy, agent, representative, deputy, substitute, surrogate, stand-in
  • 倫理りんり
    ethics, morals
  • 理念りねん
    (Platonic) ideal (of how things ought to be, e.g. human rights), foundational principle, idea, conception (e.g. of the university), doctrine, ideology
  • 原理げんり
    principle, theory, fundamental truth
  • 心理しんり
    state of mind, mentality, psychology
  • 無理むり
    unreasonable, unnatural, unjustifiable, impossible, forcible, forced, compulsory, excessive (work, etc.), immoderate, to work too hard, to try too hard, no way, not a chance, never, dream on, irrational
  • 理論りろん
  • 整理せいり
    sorting, arrangement, organization, putting in order, adjustment, regulation, liquidation, settlement, consolidation, clearance (e.g. debt), paying off, retrenchment, curtailment, cutting down, disposal
  • 論理ろんり
  • 理想りそう
    ideal, ideals
  • 合理化ごうりか
    rationalization, rationalisation, rationalize, rationalise
  • 修理しゅうり
    repair, mending, fixing, servicing
  • 調理ちょうり
    cooking, food preparation