9 strokes

inter-, mutual, together, each other, minister of state, councillor, aspect, phase, physiognomy



Common words

  • 首相しゅしょう
    prime minister, chancellor (Germany, Austria, etc.), premier
  • 相手あいて
    companion, partner, company, other party, addressee, opponent (sports, etc.)
  • 外相がいしょう
    Foreign Minister
  • 相談そうだん
    consultation, discussion, discussing, asking (someone) for advice
  • 相互そうご
    mutual, reciprocal
  • 蔵相ぞうしょう
    Minister of Finance
  • 相撲すもう
    sumo wrestling, wrestler, rikishi
  • 相場そうば
    market price, speculation (e.g. on stocks), reputation (according to conventional wisdom), estimation, esteem
  • 相当そうとう
    corresponding to (in meaning, function, etc.), being equivalent to, appropriate, suitable, befitting, proportionate, to be proportionate to, to be in keeping with, to be deserving of, to be worthy of, considerable, substantial, considerably, rather, quite, fairly, pretty
  • 真相しんそう
    truth, real situation
  • 大相撲おおずもう
    professional sumo wrestling
  • 様相ようそう
    aspect, phase, condition, modality
  • 相変わらずあいかわらず
    as usual, as always, as before, as ever, still
  • 厚相こうしょう
    Welfare Minister
  • 相次ぐあいつぐ
    to follow in succession, to happen one after another
  • 相違そうい
    difference, discrepancy, variation
  • 相続そうぞく
    succession, inheritance
  • 相対的そうたいてき
  • 世相せそう
    social conditions, phase of life, (sign of) the times, state of society
  • 相応そうおう
    suitable, appropriate, befitting, becoming, adequate, reasonable, proper, conjoining, association, samprayukta