11 strokes

sutra, longitude, pass thru, expire, warp



Common words

  • 経営けいえい
    management, administration, operation, running (a business), conducting
  • 経済けいざい
    economy, economics, finance, (one's) finances, financial circumstances, being economical, economy, thrift
  • 経験けいけん
  • 経費けいひ
    expenses, expenditure, outgoings, outlays, costs
  • 経済的けいざいてき
    economic, financial, economical, thrifty, frugal
  • 経緯いきさつ
    details, particulars, whole story, sequence of events, chronology, circumstances, how it started, how things got this way, longitude and latitude, warp and weft, warp and woof
  • 経過けいか
    passage (of time), elapsing, lapse, progress, development, course (of events), transit
  • 神経しんけい
    nerve, nerves, sensitivity
  • 経由けいゆ
    going through, going via, going by way of
  • 経済企画庁けいざいきかくちょう
    Economic Planning Agency (defunct as of 2001)
  • 経歴けいれき
    personal history, background, career
  • 経理けいり
    accounting, administration (of money)
  • 経路けいろ
    course, route, path, channel, process, stages
  • 経るへる
    to pass, to elapse, to go by, to pass through, to go through, to experience, to go through, to undergo
  • 自律神経じりつしんけい
    autonomic nerves
  • 無神経むしんけい
    insensitive, inconsiderate, callous, thick-skinned
  • 経つたつ
    to pass (of time), to elapse
  • 経度けいど