14 strokes

general, whole, all, full, total



Common words

  • 総裁そうさい
    president (of an organization), director general, governor (of a central bank), party leader (esp. LDP)
  • 総会そうかい
    general meeting
  • 総合そうごう
    synthesis, combination, integration, putting together, synthesis, colligation
  • 総理そうり
    prime minister (as the head of a cabinet government), premier, leading, overseeing, leader, overseer, president
  • 総額そうがく
    sum total, total amount
  • 総数そうすう
    total (number), count
  • 総括そうかつ
    summarization, summary, generalization, review (by labour or political movements of past activities, results, etc.)
  • 国民総生産こくみんそうせいさん
    gross national product, GNP
  • 総理大臣そうりだいじん
    prime minister (as the head of a cabinet government), premier
  • 総督そうとく
    governor-general, governor, viceroy
  • 総論そうろん
    general remarks
  • 総監そうかん
    inspector general, commissioner
  • 総帥そうすい
    commander-in-chief, leader, head of a group of companies
  • 総計そうけい
    total, sum