6 strokes

going, journey, carry out, conduct, act, line, row, bank



Common words

  • 行うおこなう
    to perform, to do, to conduct oneself, to carry out
  • 行政ぎょうせい
    administration, governance, the authorities, authority
  • 行動こうどう
    action, conduct, behaviour, behavior, mobilization, mobilisation
  • 行方ゆくえ
    (one's) whereabouts, destination, where one is headed, outcome, course (of events), development, direction, tide, future, journey ahead
  • 旅行りょこう
    travel, trip, journey, excursion, tour
  • 行為こうい
    act, deed, conduct
  • 発行はっこう
    publication (of a newspaper, magazine, book, etc.), issue, issue (of banknotes, bonds, passport, etc.), raising (an event)
  • 実行じっこう
    execution (e.g. of a plan), carrying out, practice, action, implementation, fulfillment, realization
  • 行使こうし
    use, exercise (of one's right, authority, power, etc.)
  • 代行だいこう
    acting as agent, acting on (someone's) behalf, executing business for
  • 飛行ひこう
    aviation, flight, flying, to fly, to take a flight
  • 犯行はんこう
    crime, criminal act, offence, offense
  • 執行しっこう
    execution, carrying out, performance, enforcement, exercise, service, conduct, execution, lead monk performing various tasks in a temple
  • 行事ぎょうじ
    event, function
  • 飛行機ひこうき
    airplane, aeroplane, plane, aircraft
  • 流行りゅうこう
    fashion, trend, vogue, craze, fad, popularity, prevalence (of a disease), epidemic
  • 施行しこう
    putting in force (a law), putting into operation, putting into effect, enforcement, carrying out (a plan, policy, etc.), execution
  • 売れ行きうれゆき
    sales, demand
  • 進行しんこう
    moving forward (e.g. of a vehicle), onward movement, progress (of work, activities, etc.), advance, making headway, progression (of a disease, global warming, etc.), progression (e.g. chord progression)
  • 一行いちぎょう
    (one) line, (one) row