11 strokes

inspection, regard as, see, look at



Common words

  • 警視庁けいしちょう
    Metropolitan Police Department
  • 監視かんし
    monitoring, watching, observation, surveillance, guarding, supervision, lookout
  • 重視じゅうし
    regarding as important, attaching importance to, taking a serious view of, putting emphasis on
  • 視点してん
    point of view, viewpoint, angle, perspective, visual point (position of the eye in calculations of optical instruments)
  • 視野しや
    field of vision, view, one's outlook (e.g. on life), one's horizons
  • 視察しさつ
    inspection, observation
  • 警視けいし
    police superintendent
  • 無視むし
    disregarding, ignoring
  • 視力しりょく
    eyesight, vision, visual acuity
  • 視界しかい
    field of vision, visibility, view, visual field, (one's) ken
  • 巡視じゅんし
    inspection tour
  • 軽視けいし
    making light of, thinking little of, slighting, belittling, dismissing, contempt, disdain
  • 直視ちょくし
    taking a straight look at something, looking someone in the eyes
  • 透視とうし
    seeing through, fluoroscopy, roentgenoscopy, clairvoyance, seeing through (objects), second sight