7 strokes

say, word



Common words

  • 宣言せんげん
    declaration, proclamation, announcement
  • 言わばいわば
    so to speak, so to call it, as it were
  • 発言はつげん
    statement, remark, observation, utterance, speech, proposal
  • 言葉ことば
    language, dialect, word, phrase, expression, term, speech, (manner of) speaking, (use of) language, words, remark, statement, comment, learning to speak, language acquisition
  • 言ういう
    to say, to utter, to declare, to name, to call, to go (e.g. "the alarm went ping"), to make a noise
  • 証言しょうげん
    testimony, (verbal) evidence
  • 言語げんご
  • 一言ひとこと
    single word, a few words, brief comment
  • 言論げんろん
    (one's) speech, expression of views, discussion
  • 狂言きょうげん
    kyogen, farce presented between noh plays or during the interlude of a noh play, kabuki play, kabuki performance, make-believe, ruse, trick
  • 言動げんどう
    speech and conduct, words and deeds
  • 言い方いいかた
    way of saying (something), way of putting it, wording, phrasing, language, expression
  • 無言むごん
    silence (not speaking), muteness
  • 言い分いいぶん
    one's say, one's point, one's case, one's claim, complaint, objection, grievance
  • 言及げんきゅう
    reference, allusion
  • 助言じょげん
    advice, counsel, suggestion, tip, hint
  • 方言ほうげん
    dialect, provincialism
  • 言い訳いいわけ
    excuse, explanation
  • 公言こうげん
    declaration, profession
  • 遺言ゆいごん
    will, testament, last request, dying wish