13 strokes

tale, talk



Common words

  • はなし
    talk, speech, chat, conversation, topic, subject, discussions, negotiation, argument, rumor, talk, hearsay, tale, story, fable, circumstances, particulars
  • 話題わだい
    topic, subject, much talked about, topical, in the news, hot
  • 対話たいわ
    dialogue, conversation, talk, discussion, communication
  • 話し合いはなしあい
    discussion, talk, tête-à-tête, conference
  • 会話かいわ
    conversation, talk, chat
  • 世話せわ
    care, looking after, help, assistance, aid, trouble, bother, good offices, recommendation, introduction, everyday life, everyday affairs, everyday language, sewamono (Edo-period drama about contemporary life)
  • 通話つうわ
    telephone call, speaking over the telephone, (Internet) voice call, counter for telephone calls of a set duration
  • 談話だんわ
    talk, conversation, dialogue, informal expression of opinion, off-the-cuff remarks, comment, discourse
  • 神話しんわ
    myth, legend
  • 童話どうわ
    children's story, fairy tale
  • 話し合うはなしあう
    to discuss, to talk together
  • 公衆電話こうしゅうでんわ
    public telephone, pay phone
  • 受話器じゅわき
    (telephone) receiver
  • 民話みんわ
    folk tale, folktale, folk story, folklore
  • 昔話むかしばなし
    old tale, folk tale, legend, reminiscence
  • 話すはなす
    to talk, to speak, to converse, to chat, to tell, to explain, to narrate, to mention, to describe, to discuss, to speak (a language)
  • 逸話いつわ
  • 立ち話たちばなし
    talking while standing, standing around talking
  • 実話じつわ
    true story
  • 話し言葉はなしことば
    spoken language, colloquial expression