11 strokes

advance, proceed, progress, promote



Common words

  • 推進すいしん
    propulsion, drive, promotion (of a policy, project, movement, etc.), furtherance, advancement, pushing forward
  • 先進国せんしんこく
    advanced (developed) country, advanced nations
  • 進出しんしゅつ
    advance (into a new market, industry, etc.), expansion (into), launch (into), entering, making inroads (into), advance (to the next round of a competition)
  • 促進そくしん
    promotion, acceleration, encouragement, facilitation, spurring on
  • 進展しんてん
    progress, development
  • 前進ぜんしん
    advance, moving forward, progress
  • 進路しんろ
    route, course, path, one's future course (e.g. after graduating high school)
  • 進学しんがく
    advancing to the next stage of education, going on to (high school, college, etc.)
  • 昇進しょうしん
    promotion, advancement, rising in rank
  • 進歩しんぽ
    progress, advance, improvement, development
  • 進行しんこう
    moving forward (e.g. of a vehicle), onward movement, progress (of work, activities, etc.), advance, making headway, progression (of a disease, global warming, etc.), progression (e.g. chord progression)
  • 進退しんたい
    advance or retreat, moving forwards or backwards, movement, course of action, behaviour, conduct, attitude, remaining in one's post or resigning, staying or leaving
  • 行進こうしん
    march, parade
  • 躍進やくしん
    making rapid progress, making great advances, rush, dash, onslaught
  • 進化しんか
    evolution, evolution, becoming more advanced, progress, development, improvement
  • 増進ぞうしん
    promoting, increase, advance
  • 累進るいしん
    successive promotion, gradual progression, rising step by step, increasing progressively (of income tax, etc.)
  • 進入しんにゅう
    entry, approach, penetration
  • 進むすすむ
    to advance, to go forward, to precede, to go ahead (of), to make progress, to improve, to deepen, to heighten, to be fast (of a clock), to be ahead, to do of one's own free will
  • 精進しょうじん
    concentration, diligence, devotion, asceticism, zeal in one's quest for enlightenment, adherence to a vegetarian diet