14 strokes

connection, barrier, gateway, involve, concerning



Common words

  • 関連かんれん
    relation, connection, relevance
  • 機関きかん
    engine, agency, organisation, organization, institution, organ, body, system, facility, facilities
  • 関係かんけい
    relation, relationship, connection, participation, involvement, concern, influence, effect, sexual relations, sexual relationship, related to, connected to
  • 関心かんしん
    concern, interest
  • 関税かんぜい
    tariff (import tax), duty, customs
  • 関西かんさい
    Kansai, region consisting of Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto and surrounding prefectures, Kansai, south-western half of Japan (during the feudal era)
  • 玄関げんかん
    entrance, front door, entryway, entranceway, entry hall, vestibule, porch, foyer, mud room
  • 関与かんよ
    participation, taking part in, participating in, being concerned in
  • 報道機関ほうどうきかん
    information media, press, news organs
  • 税関ぜいかん
    customs, customs house
  • 関節かんせつ
    joint (knee, elbow, etc.)
  • 難関なんかん
    barrier, obstacle, difficulty, hurdle, deadlock
  • 無関係むかんけい
  • 無関心むかんしん
    apathetic, indifferent, nonchalant, callous
  • 機関銃きかんじゅう
    machine gun
  • 交通機関こうつうきかん
    (means of) transportation, transport, transportation facilities, transportation system, transit system
  • 関門かんもん
    barrier, checkpoint, gateway, hurdle, obstacle, trial
  • 機関車きかんしゃ
    locomotive, engine
  • 相関そうかん
    correlation, interrelation
  • 関するかんする
    to concern, to be related