9 strokes

neck, counter for songs and poems



Common words

  • 首脳しゅのう
    head, leader, top, important part
  • 首相しゅしょう
    prime minister, chancellor (Germany, Austria, etc.), premier
  • 首都しゅと
    capital (city), metropolis
  • 党首とうしゅ
    party leader
  • くび
    neck, head, dismissal (from a job), firing, sacking
  • 首都圏しゅとけん
    Greater Tokyo Metropolitan area, metropolitan area (of a capital)
  • 首位しゅい
    first place, head position, leading position
  • 元首げんしゅ
    sovereign, ruler, head of state
  • 足首あしくび
  • 手首てくび
  • 縛り首しばりくび
    (death by) hanging
  • 首班しゅはん
    head, leader, prime minister
  • 自首じしゅ
    surrender (to the authorities), giving oneself up, turning oneself in
  • 絞首刑こうしゅけい
    death by hanging, execution by hanging
  • 首飾りくびかざり
    necklace, choker
  • 首尾しゅび
    beginning and end, from beginning to end, result, outcome, course of events, dealing with something successfully
  • 乳首ちくび
    nipple, teat
  • 部首ぶしゅ
    radical (of a kanji character)