10 strokes

tall, high, expensive



Common words

  • 高校こうこう
    senior high school, high school
  • 最高さいこう
    best, supreme, wonderful, finest, highest, maximum, most, uppermost, supreme
  • 円高えんだか
    appreciation of the yen, strong yen
  • 高校生こうこうせい
    senior high school student
  • 高齢こうれい
    advanced age, old age
  • 高官こうかん
    high official
  • 高級こうきゅう
    high-class, high-grade, high-quality, high-end, luxury, high-ranking, high-level, senior
  • 高さたかさ
    height, altitude, elevation, level, altitude, height
  • 高速こうそく
    high-speed, rapid, express, highway, freeway, expressway, motorway
  • 残高ざんだか
    (bank) balance, remainder
  • 高度こうど
    altitude, height, elevation, high-degree, high-grade, advanced, sophisticated, strong
  • 高等こうとう
    high class, high grade
  • 高速道路こうそくどうろ
    highway, freeway, expressway, motorway
  • 高層こうそう
    high-rise (building), multistory, multistoried, tall, high (altitude), upper (atmosphere, air current, etc.)
  • 高騰こうとう
    sharp rise (in prices), steep rise, substantial increase, soaring
  • 高いたかい
    high, tall, expensive, high-priced, high (level), above average (in degree, quality, etc.), loud, high-pitched, shrill
  • 高まるたかまる
    to rise, to swell, to be promoted
  • 高めるたかめる
    to raise, to lift, to boost, to enhance
  • 高原こうげん
    tableland, plateau
  • 高価こうか
    highly priced, expensive, valuable, costly