3 strokes

ten thousand, 10,000



Common words

  • 万全ばんぜん
    perfection, flawlessness
  • 万能ばんのう
    all-purpose, utility, universal, all-powerful, almighty, omnipotent, all-round (e.g. athlete)
  • 万一まんいち
    (unlikely event of) emergency, the worst(-case scenario), 10000 to 1, (if) by some chance, by some possibility, in the unlikely event that
  • 万国ばんこく
    all countries, the whole world, universal, all nations
  • 万人ばんにん
    all people, everybody, ten thousand people
  • 万歳ばんざい
    banzai, hurray, hurrah, hooray, something to cheer about, something worthy of celebration, giving up, throwing one's hands up, eternal life and prosperity
  • 万年筆まんねんひつ
    fountain pen
  • 万事ばんじ
    all, everything
  • 万引きまんびき
    shoplifting, shoplifter