4 strokes

negative, non-, bad, ugly, clumsy



Common words

  • 不況ふきょう
    depression, recession, slump
  • 不足ふそく
    insufficiency, deficiency, shortage, lack, scarcity, deficit, dissatisfaction, discontent, complaint
  • 不安ふあん
    anxiety, uneasiness, worry, apprehension, fear, insecurity, suspense
  • 不満ふまん
    dissatisfaction, discontent, displeasure, complaint, unhappiness
  • 不明ふめい
    unclear, obscure, indistinct, uncertain, ambiguous, unknown, unidentified, ignorance, lack of wisdom, lack of insight
  • 不動産ふどうさん
    real estate
  • 不信ふしん
    distrust, mistrust, disbelief, discredit, insincerity, impiety, faithlessness
  • 不振ふしん
    dullness, slump, stagnation, inactivity, depression
  • 不透明ふとうめい
    opaque, obscure, murky, turbid, opacity, obscurity, unclear, unpredictable, uncertain
  • 不正ふせい
    injustice, unfairness, wrongdoing, iniquity, impropriety, irregularity, dishonesty, illegality, fraud
  • 不祥事ふしょうじ
    scandal, impropriety, misconduct
  • 不法ふほう
    unlawful, illegal, unreasonable, outrageous, unjust, unwarranted
  • 不当ふとう
    injustice, impropriety, unreasonableness, undeserved, unfair, invalid
  • 不安定ふあんてい
    instability, insecurity, crankiness
  • 不十分ふじゅうぶん
    insufficient, inadequate, imperfect
  • 不在ふざい
    absence, disregard, indifference
  • 不良ふりょう
    bad, poor, inferior, defective, delinquent, hoodlum, hooligan
  • 不可能ふかのう
  • 不要ふよう
    unnecessary, unneeded
  • 不可欠ふかけつ
    indispensable, essential