5 strokes

generation, world, society, public



Common words

  • 世界せかい
    the world, society, the universe, sphere, circle, world, world-renowned, world-famous, realm governed by one Buddha, space
  • 世論よろん
    public opinion, popular voice, public sentiment, consensus
  • 世代せだい
    generation, the world, the age
  • 世紀せいき
    century, era, of the century (e.g. fight of the century)
  • 世話せわ
    care, looking after, help, assistance, aid, trouble, bother, good offices, recommendation, introduction, everyday life, everyday affairs, everyday language, sewamono (Edo-period drama about contemporary life)
  • 世帯せたい
    household, home, family, housekeeping
  • 世間せけん
    world, society, people, the public
  • world, society, public, life, lifetime, age, era, period, epoch, generation, reign, rule, the times, world (of existence)
  • 世の中よのなか
    society, the world, the times
  • 二世にせい
    nisei, second-generation Japanese (or Korean, etc.), person of Japanese parentage with non-Japanese citizenship, the second (e.g. Edward II), son
  • 中世ちゅうせい
    Middle Ages (in Japan esp. the Kamakura and Muromachi periods), medieval times, mediaeval times
  • 出世しゅっせ
    success in life, getting ahead, successful career, promotion, climbing the corporate ladder, eminence
  • 世相せそう
    social conditions, phase of life, (sign of) the times, state of society
  • 浮世絵うきよえ
    ukiyo-e, ukiyoe, Edo-period woodblock print
  • 世襲せしゅう
    heredity, heritage
  • お世辞おせじ
    flattery, compliment
  • 救世軍きゅうせいぐん
    Salvation Army