6 strokes

both, old Japanese coin, counter for carriages (e.g., in a train), two



Common words

  • 両親りょうしん
    parents, both parents
  • 車両しゃりょう
    rolling stock, railroad cars, wheeled vehicles
  • 両氏りょうし
    both persons
  • 両院りょういん
    both houses of parliament, both upper and lower house
  • 両者りょうしゃ
    pair, the two, both persons, both things
  • 両方りょうほう
    both, both sides, both parties
  • 両面りょうめん
    both sides, two sides, double-sided
  • 両手りょうて
    both hands, both arms, ten
  • 両側りょうがわ
    both sides
  • 両立りょうりつ
    compatibility, coexistence, standing together
  • 両替りょうがえ
    change, money exchange
  • 両端りょうたん
    both ends, either end, both edges, double-mindedness, sitting on the fence
  • 両翼りょうよく
    both wings, both flanks
  • 両雄りょうゆう
    two great men (rivals)
  • 両眼りょうがん
    both eyes