8 strokes

row, and, besides, as well as, line up, rank with, rival, equal



Common words

  • 並びならび
    line, row, rank, list
  • 並木なみき
    roadside tree, row of trees
  • 並びにならびに
    and (also), both ... and, as well as
  • 町並みまちなみ
    townscape, street (of stores and houses), (look of) stores and houses on street
  • 平年並みへいねんなみ
    similar to that of an average year, in line with an average year, normal
  • 並行へいこう
    going side-by-side, going abreast, running concurrently, occurring at the same time, keeping pace with
  • 並列へいれつ
    arranging in a line, standing in a row, parallel (electronics, computing, etc.)
  • 並ぶならぶ
    to line up, to stand in a line, to rival, to match, to equal
  • 人並みひとなみ
    ordinary, average, common, normal, like the average person, like most people
  • 軒並みのきなみ
    row of houses, every house, each house, every door, all, totally, altogether, across the board
  • 月並みつきなみ
    every month, trite, commonplace, conventional, hackneyed