7 strokes

riot, war, disorder, disturb



Common words

  • 混乱こんらん
    disorder, chaos, confusion, mayhem
  • 反乱はんらん
    insurrection, mutiny, rebellion, revolt, uprising
  • 波乱はらん
    disturbance, trouble, commotion, uproar, turmoil, ups and downs (e.g. in life), vicissitudes, small and large waves
  • 乱用らんよう
    abuse, misuse, misappropriation, using to excess
  • 乱れるみだれる
    to be disordered, to be disarranged, to be disarrayed, to be disheveled, to be dishevelled, to be discomposed, to be upset, to get confused, to be disturbed, to lapse into chaos (due to war, etc.)
  • 動乱どうらん
    disturbance, upheaval, unrest, war, riot
  • 乱暴らんぼう
    violence, assault, rowdiness, wildness, running riot, rough (handling, language, etc.), reckless, careless, coarse, rude, unreasonable (e.g. demand), wild (e.g. argument), rape, sexual assault
  • 内乱ないらん
    civil war, insurrection, rebellion, domestic conflict
  • 乱獲らんかく
    excessive fishing, overfishing, overhunting, excessive taking
  • 狂乱きょうらん
    fury, frenzy, madness, wildness
  • 乱伐らんばつ
    reckless deforestation, overcutting of forests
  • 乱すみだす
    to throw into disorder, to disarrange, to disturb (order, peace, etc.), to corrupt (public morals), to dishevel (hair)
  • 錯乱さくらん
    confusion, distraction, derangement
  • 乱雑らんざつ
    disorder, confusion, clutter, mess, muddle, disarray
  • 咲き乱れるさきみだれる
    to bloom in profusion