11 strokes

drought, dry, dessicate, drink up, heaven, emperor



Common words

  • 乾燥かんそう
    dryness, aridity, drying (e.g. clothes), dehydration, desiccation, insipidity
  • 乾電池かんでんち
    dry cell, battery
  • 乾杯かんぱい
    cheers, bottoms-up, prosit, toast, drink (in honor or celebration of someone or something), drinking one's glass dry
  • 乾燥機かんそうき
    drying machine, dryer, desiccator
  • 乾物かんぶつ
    dry provisions, dried food, dried goods, groceries
  • 乾かすかわかす
    to dry (clothes, etc.), to desiccate