4 strokes

beforehand, previous, myself, I



Common words

  • 予定よてい
    plans, arrangement, schedule, program, programme, expectation, estimate
  • 予算よさん
    estimate (of costs), budget
  • 予選よせん
    preliminary contest, qualifying round, trial, heat, primary
  • 予想よそう
    expectation, anticipation, prediction, forecast, conjecture
  • 予防よぼう
    prevention, protection (against), precaution
  • 予備よび
    reserve, spare, preparation, preliminaries
  • 予測よそく
    prediction, estimation
  • 予約よやく
    reservation, appointment, booking, advance order, contract, subscription, pledge, programming (e.g. a device), setting (e.g. a timer)
  • 予報よほう
    forecast, prediction
  • 予知よち
    foresight, foreknowledge, intimation, premonition, prediction
  • 猶予ゆうよ
    postponement, deferment, extension (of time)
  • 執行猶予しっこうゆうよ
    stay of execution, suspended sentence
  • 予断よだん
    prediction, prejudgment, presupposition, foregone conclusion
  • 予感よかん
    presentiment, premonition, hunch, to have a premonition, to have a hunch
  • 予告よこく
    advance notice, previous note, preliminary announcement, trailer (film, TV), preview
  • 予期よき
    expectation, anticipation, forecast
  • 予言よげん
    prediction, prophecy, prognostication, foretelling, forecast, (religious) prophecy
  • 予備費よびひ
    reserve funds, emergency funds
  • 予習よしゅう
    preparation for a lesson