6 strokes

contend, dispute, argue



Common words

  • 戦争せんそう
    war, fighting, fierce competition
  • 紛争ふんそう
    dispute, conflict, trouble, strife
  • 競争きょうそう
    competition, contest, rivalry, race, competition (between organisms or species)
  • 争いあらそい
    fight, dispute, feud, conflict, struggle, strife, discord, argument, quarrel, controversy, competition, contest, rivalry
  • 闘争とうそう
    fight, battle, combat, conflict, struggle (for rights, higher wages, etc.), strife, (labor) dispute, strike
  • 論争ろんそう
    dispute, controversy, debate, argument, taking issue
  • 争点そうてん
    point at issue
  • 抗争こうそう
    rivalry, feud, conflict, dispute, struggle, strife, contention, resistance
  • 争うあらそう
    to compete, to contest, to contend, to quarrel, to argue, to dispute, to be at variance, to oppose, to deny (e.g. evidence)
  • 争奪そうだつ
    struggle (for), scramble, contest
  • 係争けいそう
    dispute, contention, conflict, controversy
  • 争議そうぎ
    dispute, quarrel, strike