8 strokes

matter, thing, fact, business, reason, possibly



Common words

  • 事故じこ
    accident, incident, trouble, circumstances, reasons
  • 事態じたい
    situation, (present) state of affairs, circumstances
  • 記事きじ
    article, news story, report, account
  • 仕事しごと
    work, job, labor, labour, business, task, assignment, occupation, employment, work
  • 事業じぎょう
    project, enterprise, business, industry, operations, venture, service, act, deed, conduct
  • 理事りじ
    director, trustee
  • 幹事かんじ
    executive secretary, coordinator, organizer, person in charge of making arrangements
  • 知事ちじ
    prefectural governor
  • 事務じむ
    office work, clerical work, administration, business, affairs
  • 事実じじつ
    fact, truth, reality
  • 事務所じむしょ
  • 軍事ぐんじ
    military affairs
  • 事件じけん
    event, affair, incident, case, plot, trouble, scandal
  • 事情じじょう
    circumstances, conditions, situation, reasons, state of affairs
  • 人事じんじ
    personnel affairs, human affairs, human resources, HR
  • 工事こうじ
    construction work
  • 食事しょくじ
    meal, dinner, diet
  • 事前じぜん
    prior, beforehand, in advance, before the fact, ex ante
  • 検事けんじ
    public prosecutor
  • 刑事けいじ
    (police) detective, criminal matter