2 strokes

two, two radical (no. 7)



Common words

  • 二人ふたり
    two persons, two people, pair, couple
  • 二つふたつ
  • 二階にかい
    second floor, upstairs
  • 二重にじゅう
    double, two-fold, two layers, duplex, diplo-, dipl-, double-edged eyelid, double eyelid, creased eyelid
  • 二次にじ
    second, secondary, quadratic (function, equation, etc.), second-order
  • 二階建てにかいだて
    two-storied building
  • 二世にせい
    nisei, second-generation Japanese (or Korean, etc.), person of Japanese parentage with non-Japanese citizenship, the second (e.g. Edward II), son
  • 一石二鳥いっせきにちょう
    killing two birds with one stone
  • 二者択一にしゃたくいつ
    choosing between two things, two choices
  • 二流にりゅう
    second-rate, inferior
  • 二枚舌にまいじた
    double-dealing, duplicity, equivocation, double-tongued
  • 二重奏にじゅうそう
    instrumental duet, instrumental duo