4 strokes




Common words

  • 今回こんかい
    this time, now
  • 今月こんげつ
    this month
  • 今後こんご
    from now on, hereafter
  • 今年ことし
    this year
  • 今度こんど
    this time, now, next time, another time, shortly, soon, recently, lately, the other day
  • 今日きょう
    today, this day, these days, recently, nowadays
  • 今週こんしゅう
    this week
  • いま
    now, the present time, just now, soon, immediately, another, more
  • 今までいままで
    until now, so far, up to the present
  • 昨今さっこん
    nowadays, recently
  • 今夜こんや
    this evening, tonight
  • 今朝けさ
    this morning
  • 今にいまに
    before long, even now
  • 今晩こんばん
    tonight, this evening
  • 今昔こんじゃく
    past and present