5 strokes

attend, doing, official, serve



Common words

  • 仕事しごと
    work, job, labor, labour, business, task, assignment, occupation, employment, work
  • 仕組みしくみ
    structure, construction, arrangement, contrivance, mechanism, workings, plan, plot, contrivance
  • 仕方しかた
    way, method, means, resource, course
  • 仕手して
    doer, performer, shite, protagonist, hero, leading part, main character, speculator (in trading)
  • 奉仕ほうし
    service, ministry, attendance, church work, offering goods at a reduced price, providing a service for free
  • 仕入れしいれ
    stocking, buying up
  • 仕上げしあげ
    finish, finishing, finishing touches
  • 仕送りしおくり
    allowance, remittance, sending (someone) an allowance
  • 仕入れるしいれる
    to lay in stock, to replenish stock, to procure, to learn, to find out, to take in
  • 仕方がないしかたがない
    there's no (other) way, cannot be helped, unavoidable, inevitable, (there's) nothing one can do, having no choice, it's no use (doing), pointless, useless, no good, insufficient, not enough, hopeless (person), annoying, troublesome, awful, cannot stand it, unbearable, cannot help (doing, feeling), dying (to do)
  • 仕えるつかえる
    to serve, to work for, to attend
  • 仕上げるしあげる
    to finish up, to complete, to finish off, to get through, to polish off
  • 仕立てるしたてる
    to tailor, to make (clothing), to train, to bring up, to make it seem like, to pass off, to turn into a play or movie, to prepare, to send, to despatch
  • 仕上がるしあがる
    to be finished, to be completed, to be done