6 strokes

go-between, relationship



Common words

  • 仲間なかま
    companion, fellow, friend, mate, comrade, partner, colleague, coworker, associate, group, company, circle, set, gang, member of the same category (family, class)
  • 仲介ちゅうかい
    agency, intermediation
  • なか
    relation, relationship
  • 仲良くなかよく
    on good terms (with), on friendly terms (with), (getting along) well, in harmony, happily, peacefully
  • 仲裁ちゅうさい
    arbitration, intercession, mediation
  • 仲人なこうど
    matchmaker, go-between, intermediary, middleman, mediator, intercessor
  • 仲良しなかよし
    close friendship, close friend, good friend, bosom buddy, chum, pal
  • 伯仲はくちゅう
    being evenly matched, being equal with, being on a par with, being well contested, eldest and second eldest brother, older and younger brother
  • 犬猿の仲けんえんのなか
    like cats and dogs, (on) very bad terms, relationship of dogs and monkeys
  • 仲買なかがい