6 strokes

responsibility, duty, term, entrust to, appoint



Common words

  • 責任せきにん
    duty, responsibility (incl. supervision of staff), liability, onus
  • 辞任じにん
    resignation (from a position)
  • 就任しゅうにん
    assumption (of office), taking up (a post), inauguration, installation
  • 任期にんき
    term of office
  • 後任こうにん
  • 主任しゅにん
    person in charge, senior staff, manager, chief, head
  • 任務にんむ
    duty, function, office, mission, task
  • 任意にんい
    optional, voluntary, arbitrary, random, discretionary, facultative, spontaneous, any, arbitrary
  • 赴任ふにん
    moving to a different location to start a new job, (proceeding to) new appointment
  • 信任しんにん
    trust, confidence, credence
  • 担任たんにん
    being in charge of (esp. a class or subject), taking charge of, class teacher, homeroom teacher, form teacher
  • 任命にんめい
    appointment, nomination, ordination, commission, designation
  • 無責任むせきにん
  • 任すまかす
    to entrust (to someone), to leave (in someone's hands)
  • にん
    obligation, duty, charge, responsibility
  • 専任せんにん
    full-time service
  • 初任給しょにんきゅう
    initial salary
  • 委任いにん
    entrusting, charge, delegation, authorization
  • 兼任けんにん
    serving concurrently as, holding the additional post of
  • 歴任れきにん
    successive jobs, consecutive jobs