6 strokes

meeting, meet, party, association, interview, join



Common words

  • 会員かいいん
    member, the membership
  • 会見かいけん
    interview, audience, meeting, (viewing) party
  • 委員会いいんかい
    committee, commission, board, panel, committee meeting
  • 大会たいかい
    mass meeting, convention, rally, conference, assembly, gathering, tournament, competition, contest, meet, grand event
  • 社会しゃかい
    society, public, community, the world, social studies
  • 会議かいぎ
    meeting, conference, session, assembly, council, convention, congress
  • 議会ぎかい
    congress, parliament, diet, legislative assembly
  • 会談かいだん
    talks (i.e. formal discussions), conference, meeting
  • 総会そうかい
    general meeting
  • 会社かいしゃ
    company, corporation, workplace
  • 会長かいちょう
    president (of a society), chairman
  • 国会こっかい
    National Diet, legislative assembly of Japan (1947-), Imperial Diet, legislative assembly of Japan (1889-1947), legislative assembly, parliament, congress
  • 社会党しゃかいとう
    Socialist Party
  • 協会きょうかい
    association, society, organization, organisation
  • 会合かいごう
    meeting, assembly, gathering, association, conjunction
  • 機会きかい
    chance, opportunity, occasion
  • 会場かいじょう
    assembly hall, meeting place, venue, site, grounds
  • 集会しゅうかい
    meeting, assembly, gathering, congregation, convention, rally
  • 会館かいかん
    meeting hall, assembly hall
  • 学会がっかい
    learned society, scientific society, academy, academic meeting, academic conference