7 strokes

rank, grade, throne, crown, about, some



Common words

  • 単位たんい
    unit, denomination, credit (in school), in units of (e.g. "in thousands"), in amounts of
  • 地位ちい
    (social) position, status, standing, position (in a company, organization, etc.), post, rank
  • 上位じょうい
    superior (in rank), top, ranking, higher order (e.g. byte), host computer (of connected device)
  • 首位しゅい
    first place, head position, leading position
  • 位置いち
    place, position, location, position, standing, status, situation
  • 順位じゅんい
    order, rank, position (e.g. in a race), precedence
  • 本位ほんい
    standard, basis, principle
  • 学位がくい
    (academic) degree
  • 方位ほうい
    bearing, heading, point of the compass
  • 各位かくい
    everyone, each and every one (of you), ladies and gentlemen
  • 皇位こうい
    imperial throne