7 strokes

lower, short, humble



Common words

  • 最低さいてい
    least, lowest, minimum, worst, awful, horrible, nasty, disgusting, at the very least
  • 低下ていか
    fall, decline, lowering, deterioration, degradation
  • 低迷ていめい
    hanging low (of clouds), remaining low (of sales, stock prices, etc.), remaining sluggish (of the economy, market, etc.), hovering (around a low level), floundering, slump, depression
  • 低めるひくめる
    to lower, to be lowered
  • 低いひくい
    low (rank, degree, value, content, quality, etc.), low (position), close to the ground, short (height), deep (voice), in a low key, low (volume)
  • 低温ていおん
    low temperature
  • 低気圧ていきあつ
    low (atmospheric) pressure, low-pressure system, depression, cyclone, bad temper, foul mood, tense situation
  • 高低こうてい
    high and low, rise and fall
  • 低音ていおん
    low tone, bass, low voice
  • 低地ていち
    depression, lowlands, low ground, bottom land, plain