7 strokes

dwell, reside, live, inhabit



Common words

  • 住宅じゅうたく
    residence, housing, residential building
  • 住民じゅうみん
    inhabitant, resident, citizen, population
  • 住所じゅうしょ
    address, residence, domicile
  • 居住きょじゅう
    residence, abode, dwelling
  • 住み心地すみごこち
    comfort (in living place)
  • 住宅地じゅうたくち
    housing district, residential district
  • 永住えいじゅう
    permanent residence
  • 移住いじゅう
    migration, immigration
  • 住人じゅうにん
    dweller, inhabitant, resident, user (of a website)
  • 衣食住いしょくじゅう
    food, clothing and shelter, necessities of life
  • 現住所げんじゅうしょ
    (present) address
  • 原住民げんじゅうみん
    native people, aboriginal, indigenous people
  • 住まうすまう
    to live, to reside, to inhabit
  • 安住あんじゅう
    living in peace, living a quiet life, being content with one's present position, being satisfied with one's lot
  • 住むすむ
    to live (of humans), to reside, to inhabit, to dwell, to abide