7 strokes




Common words

  • なに
    what, you-know-what, that thing, whatsit, whachamacallit, what's-his-name, what's-her-name, penis, (one's) thing, dick, (not) at all, (not) in the slightest, what?, huh?, hey!, come on!, oh, no (it's fine), why (it's nothing), oh (certainly not)
  • 何かなにか
    something, some, any, somehow, for some reason, (so) what (are you trying to say)?, what (do you mean)?
  • 何度なんど
    how many times, how many degrees (temperature, angle, etc.)
  • 何もなにも
    (not) anything, (nothing) at all, (not) any, nothing, and everything else, and all, (not) at all, (not) in the least, (not) especially, (not) to that extent
  • 何とかなんとか
    something, something or other, so-and-so, somehow, anyhow, one way or another
  • 何よりなにより
    above anything else, above all, more than anything, best, greatest, excellent, wonderful, most important
  • 何でもなんでも
    any, anything, whatever, whatever one likes, everything, all, I am told, I hear, I understand, they say
  • 何となんと
    what, how, what (a) ...!, how ...!, surprisingly, to my amazement, believe it or not, why, ...!, oh my, wow, well, ..., so, ...
  • 何ともなんとも
    really, very, extremely, terribly, awfully, (not) anything, (not) at all, (not) a bit
  • 何らなんら
    (not) in any way, (not) at all, (none) whatsoever, what kind of
  • 何十なんじゅう
    several tens
  • 何事なにごと
    what, what sort of thing, everything, anything, what (on earth)?, what's the meaning of this ...?, what's this ... all about?
  • 何でなんで
    why?, what for?, how?, by what means?
  • 何百なんびゃく
  • 何だかなんだか
    (a) little, somewhat, somehow
  • 何千なんぜん
    many thousands
  • 何しろなにしろ
    in any case, at any rate, anyhow, anyway, as you know, for you see, particularly, because, since, for, after all
  • 幾何学きかがく
  • 何時いつ
    when, at what time, how soon, normal times, ordinary days
  • 何故なぜ
    why, how